Training program


Dear strudents,

Much of the information we get is through reading. Looking for a person’s contacts on their mobile phone, looking at the guide’s description, checking a lottery ticket in the newspaper… However, such a limited reading of only the most necessary informative things would greatly diminish the significance of it. Reading is more than getting information – it enables us to communicate with each other, to share ideas and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Most people know how to read. However, not everyone knows how to read properly. We often misunderstand what we read, confuse the main idea with the secondary thoughts of the text, and do not process all the information conveyed to us in the written text. In this section, you will see that reading is an ongoing process of communication, starting with the person who wrote the text and ending with the person reading it all. In order for the communication process to develop properly, we need to train our reading skills, as well as learn to use tools that help to read effectively and comprehensively. Failed assignments can be discussed with the mentor on the mentoring platform.