Skills assessment

This skill assessment is addressed to low skilled adults, and adults with fewer opportunities who need improvements in reading, writing, using computer and calculation in order to have a better chance to access the labour market.

This skill assessment is composed of 4 questionnaires, each one with 16 questions which try to evaluate the level of participants in reading, writing, using computer and calculation.

Filling in the questionnaire, participants can see what competences they have in the fours skills and where they need further improvement.

Following the skill assessment tool, the participants can take part in trainings program, which consists in several questions and activities for the participants to exercise and improve their skills.

The program will be in English, Norwegian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Spanish.

The participants in our skill assessment tool are people who know how to read and write, have compulsory education, but gaps in reading/writing/calculation and using computer.

However, the skill assessment tool is an open resource for anyone who needs improvement in reading, writing, using computer and calculation.




Number sence




Problem solving

The main ideas and details

Making connections

Ask questions

Facts and opinions

Structuring text

Writing simple text

Syntax and grammar

Writing fluently and at an even speed